Debunking Five Common Myths about Uber

Even if you’re not online a lot, you’ve probably seen or heard your fair share of adverts about Uber somewhere. Their aggressive marketing is turning them into a familiar brand to young and old alike. Hence, it comes as a surprise as to how many people still have their misconceptions about Uber vehicle hire or other related matters. To try and enlighten the misguided, we’re debunking the most common myths about the brand here.

uber vehicle hire

Myth # 1 – It’s only for the well-to-do

While the company did start out providing black car services, they have since been catering to a larger audience. UberX offers people a ride in the backseat of someone’s personal car, which is sometimes more affordable than when you hail a traditional taxi. Not to mention that those who have an Uber rent to own are more comfortable with servicing neighbourhoods are said to be discriminated against by cab operators.

Myth # 2 – It has a chauvinistic culture

News articles have been published on how the chief executive is brash or how the senior vice president is sexist thereby painting the company as to having a bro culture. However, this doesn’t necessarily extend to those who have an Uber car rent to own or any of the other drivers. These people are independent contractors rather than full-time employees and likely have personal views very different from those of the top brass in Uber.

Myth # 3 – It decides to surge prices randomly

Anyone who has taken an economics class in school would tell you that it’s actually a matter of supply and demand. When there is a low supply of drivers but a high demand for rides, fares will go up. This isn’t because they want to take advantage of riders. They’re also thinking about their partners who have an Uber vehicle hire or rent-to-own and need to pay off their investment by earning a reasonable amount for their work. Visit us at Keyz

Myth # 4 – It doesn’t allow tipping

Unlike some of their competitors, Uber does not include tipping in-app. This has led many people to believe that drivers just aren’t allowed to accept tips. The truth is that they are when the cash is offered to them. According to a representative of the company, the main purpose of the app is for the passenger and the driver to be clear about the base rate without the added pressure of preparing or demanding a tip.

Myth # 5 – It is a transportation company

The app allows a user to request for a car on demand. A driver-partner then picks them up on a rent to own Uber, the GPS calculates the distance and fare, and then the app charges their credit card. This doesn’t make them a transport company but rather a middleman for rides. When you think about it, they’re closer to being a logistics provider as opposed to an operator. They actually even launched a courier service in New York called the UberRUSH.

Now that we’ve debunked five of the typical misconceptions about Uber, you should be more knowledgeable about the company and how they work. If you’re interested in being part of them as a partner but you don’t have a car, why not get an Uber vehicle hire from Keyz? They also help with financing if you want to buy a ride to use for Uber. Get in touch with them to learn more.