My favorite food is:  Spagetti/Popusa

My favorite restaurant is: TGI Fridays

My favorite athlete is:  Ronaldinho

My favorite music/artist/song is:  2Pac/Bone Thugs/Christian Music

My favortie city is:  New York

What sport would I be playing if I wasn't playing soccer:  Football

My dream job is:  Soccer Player

My favorite TV show is:  70's Show/2 1/2 Men/George Lopez

My favorite thing about being a Monarch is:  The Fans

The team I am most looking forward to playing against is:  Charlotte Eagles/Whoever comes

Player Bio

Victor Ramirez returns in 2009 for his second season with Real Maryland. Victor sparked a lot of attention last year with coaches and hopes to truly lay down a permanent residence in Coach Hudson’s Roster. He’s a skilled midfielder who can be very allusive with the ball. Coach Hudson hopes Ramirez will consistently bring is professional creativity.


Victor Ramirez          Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez2         Victor Ramirez     

Victor Ramirez3         Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez4         Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez5        Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez6         Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez7         Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez8         Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez9         Victor Ramirez

Victor Ramirez10       Victor Ramirez